Ananda Serné

Sounds of the Sea, Crickets and Translucent Yellow

HD video, sound, 05:44 min
folded photograph, 420x297mm

Sounds of the Sea, Crickets and Translucent Yellow combines two identical statues with each other: one of them is situated in a park close to Nagoya in Japan, the other one next to the sea in a small town in the Netherlands. The work focuses not on the historical associations that statues often entail, but rather on the way the statues function as representatives of the environment they are placed in  – the park and the seashore. My point of departure for this work was the ability to be in two places at once through the senses. The statues are shown only through reproductions or close-ups, this gives the impression of a fictional statue, or a fictional journey. 

The filmmaker Chris Marker often combined footage from different places and travels with each other. His film Sans Soleil, however, opens with the occasional impossibility of combining certain images. With Sounds of the Sea, Crickets and Translucent Yellow I wanted to experience whether I could combine the sounds of two different places with one another. I didn’t speak the same language as the ‘listener’ in the video and the filming therefore took place in silence. This draws a comparison to the experience of ambient sounds becoming more prominent when one can’t focus on the spoken words in an environment.

Voice-over: Catoo Kemperman